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In 1992 sahlan Nama co. began it’s professional activity in the field of exhibition structures industry and related products, office partition and furniture. Today sahlan Nama is the biggest and most well-known pioneer company in partition industry, aluminum structured tents, prefabricated industrial sheds, office partition and furniture, and many other products in Iran.


Kilip structure

Kilip structure can be mentioned amoung other wonderful and unique products of Sahlan Nama as a knowledge base company. This product is designed and produced by design group of Sahlan Nama and exclusively named kilip. To describe this structure, one can just say ̏it’s beautiful˝! it’s straight square walls which comes in different colors, and narrow borders between walls in installation ,makes your stand stylish, modern and eye-catching.

Main components of the structure are made from 40*40mm anodized aluminum with high hardness which connect to each other with strong connectors. With these qualifications, kilip structure receives very good score and feedback from endurance test.

Prefabricated house, office and warehouse

Trust structure with industrial registration and structure compating booklet can be implemented as prestructured building with screws and nuts to connect the components, and has tolerance for 500kg of load per square meter. Main columns are made of 2mm octagon plants formed by CNC mashinens and CO2 welding and strongly connect to the angle metals to build a strong structure. Walls and roof are covered with sandwich panel which with insulation and door and window installation, you will have a complete space.

Combination of this structure and kilip structure would be very suitable for preconstructed house, office, and their interior design.

This structure can be used to build portable workshops and also warehouse to depot goods.

premade house and office

Stylish and modern with high weight tolerance. With the most professional form of execution.

Acoustic glass cabin which while you have full view of work eivironment, the voice in negotiation space can’t be heard from outside the cabin.

With no exaggeration, this product is the most unique and Stylish partition in its kind in the world. What you see in this partition is just glass. Generaly big brands from all over Iran, big and modern shopping malls, and new buildings are main customers of this partition

Aluminum structured tents with no middle column

Exclusive product of SahlanNama company which designed,Produced and entered to the market with technical and engineering specifications according to the standards of producing and building the industrial sheds, temporary and permanent halls.

Why Sahlan Nama

Sahlan Nama group is the first and biggest designer and executor of exhibition structures, aluminum structured tents, partition, office furniture and its related industries in Iran. 26 years of experience and cooperation with biggest brands in Iran, such as Iran khodro, MCI (mobile telecommunication company of Iran), Saipa, and thousands of other Iranian and foreign companies is the best reason to trust us and choose Sahlan Nama for the project that you have in this field and you will recieve the most satisfactory cooperation.

All the processes are precise and scientific in Sahlan Nama.

Using the up to date know-how ,our engineers will act precisely and calculated during the implementation of project. Also R&D team of Sahlan Nama follows the latest information of technology and production, so we try to design  and produce modern products with the most reasonable price in the country.

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